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Barrow of Equilibrium
chromogenic print

She, the goddess of Izamami who was gone, is buried at Mt. Hiba where is the border between Izumo and Houki. (Kojiki)

Going about Zempou-kouenhun (an ancient Japanese tombs of a circular shape with a rectangular frontage) with thinking of the mountain of Hiba where Izanami was buried. There is the huge gate leads to the next world called Nenokatasukuni. Over a thousand year has already elapsed since ancient people had been buried under the tombs. Of late, our society has developed into which they had never imagined. Even so, our fate still coexists with a death. The present worth of life, which is severed from a death, is used to construct the whole life with having an equal worth to a death. We circulate through the life that never dried up.

 To feel the death with longing for turning to the earth which is the source of a life and a death. Getting closer to a death signifies getting closer to a life as well. Like large trees grow from a little seed by getting sustenance through the earth, like fallen leaves turn to the earth as a part of the staff of life, we have been living in cycles since the beginning. Living a death that exists ahead of a life, and then be created from the earth with another life the same as virescent and glaucous trees spreading deeply over the tombs.

Tombs are a symbol of our life and death.



死と生の源である大地に還されることに憧れ、死に近づいていく。死に逼るということは同時に、生にも近づいていくということなのである。大木が大地を糧として種から成長してきたに均しく、枯葉がいつか大地の糧となるために土に還るに均しく、私たちもこの世界の中で劫初 より、めぐり存在してきた。生のその先にある死を生き、そうしてまた異なる生をもって大地から生成される。古墳に鬱蒼と生茂る青丹や常磐の樹々のように。


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