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Sweet Doze
chromogenic print

When I am in a metropolis like Tokyo, I sometimes feel as if I am trapped in a greenhouse.

A glass-walled world where nothing exists except what is given to us, beautifully maintained and controlled by someone else.

Although many of our generations cannot find hopes, we relish safety and wealth while we are aware of becoming hard to breath. It is obvious how poverty and difficult to live outside of the world under control.


In the early spring of 2014 in Berlin, I recalled a small greenhouse in the garden of my grandfather's house, where he had stayed half a century earlier.

In that summer, I found his diary which is a notebook with the 4 years’ blank from 1941. I felt guilty that I sympathized with his disappointment and depression even though I am living in 2014.


We are in a time when we must not stop to think about this society and what we live .

All the flowers in the greenhouse are always beautiful. Whether it is freezing cold or stifling hot outside, they continue to live, protected by a glass dome like a mother's womb.




コントロ ールされた社会の外側がどれだけ貧しく、困難な世界であるか、私たちよく理解しているのだ。


帰国後、1945 年の秋に記録が再開された祖父の日記を見つけた。ちょうど同世代だった70年前の祖父が感じていた絶望と閉塞感に、豊かな現代を生きる私が共感してしまったことに罪悪感を覚えた。





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